2 New Campaigns for Altroconsumo are Available

By July 30, 2019Uncategorized

We’re happy to inform you that 2 new campaigns for Altroconsumo are available:

Both have the same payout and welcome gift to the user:

Payout: 19 EUR
Wellcome gift: Smartwatch

The difference is in the landing pages:

Campaign 1: Altroconsumo Essential Offer Legal

Landing page: https://programmavantaggi.altroconsumo.it/2019/promolegale


Banners can be downloaded from here:

Campaign 2: Altroconsumo Essential Offer Purchase

Landing page: https://programmavantaggi.altroconsumo.it/2019/promoacquisti

Banners can be downloaded from here:

Since these are two offers, can you plaese send me pixels to be implemented.

Please note that: Now we have 3 active campaigns for Altroconsumo: Kit smartphone – with Payout of 33 EUR, Essential legal and essential purchase with payout of 19 EUR