2 New Campaigns for Altroconsumo are Available

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We’re happy to inform you that 2 new campaigns for Altroconsumo are available:

Both have the same payout and welcome gift to the user:

Payout: 19 EUR
Wellcome gift: Smartwatch

The difference is in the landing pages:

Campaign 1: Altroconsumo Essential Offer Legal

Landing page: https://programmavantaggi.altroconsumo.it/2019/promolegale


Banners can be downloaded from here:

Campaign 2: Altroconsumo Essential Offer Purchase

Landing page: https://programmavantaggi.altroconsumo.it/2019/promoacquisti

Banners can be downloaded from here:

Since these are two offers, can you plaese send me pixels to be implemented.

Please note that: Now we have 3 active campaigns for Altroconsumo: Kit smartphone – with Payout of 33 EUR, Essential legal and essential purchase with payout of 19 EUR

Deco Proteste CPL Mobile Goal

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We’d like to pitch the new mobile versions of our top-direct offers in PT. The original is a CC-submit -but this offer is pure CPL SOI 1/2-click mobile goal .

The CPL payout is:

The payout in PT is: 2.5 EUR .

The Call Me Back Form is placed on Step 2 of the conversion flow:

Best Practices – apply.

Please get in touch so we can setup and launch if you are interested in testing out.

Best Regards,

Updates To Our Top Performing Offers

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Dear Partner,

We’re glad to announce the new positive changes to our offers, as follows:

2019 – IT-Italian (CPA) Offerta Prova Altroconsumo:

The guaranteed welcome gift for each user is now 40 EUR instead of 30
The payout for this offer won’t change and remains – 33 EUR per approved lead

2019 ES-Spanish (CPA) oferta-regalo ocu

The Superior pack now comes with guaranteed gift for the user: Amazon voucher for 30 EUR

The Essential pack comes with smart watch.

2019 – PT-portuguese (CPA)

In order to improve the standard campaign, DECO PROTESTE partnered with the well-known Portuguese influencer, Pedro Fernandes – we have special banners and email creatives.

And another good news for this offer:

Sweepstake / ‘Giftinity’ Version 3 offer for DECO PROTESTE is up and running – besides the standard guaranteed gift, the user is enered in a draw for one of the following gifts:

🎁 Apple Smart Watch
🎁 Netflix Gift Card (value = €150)
🎁 Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 Powerful, immerse soundbar

2019 – BE-Dutch (CPA) Test Aankoop and 2019 – BE-French Test Achats offers:

Sweepstake Version 3 of both offers is up and running and besides the quaranteed gift – smartphone, each user is entered in a draw for the same gifts as in the sweepstake campaign in PT.

If you are interested in running some of the offers, please contact your AM