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Performance Bay combines skills, expertise and creativity to show you the power of performance marketing.

Our approach

New media is continuously progressing, and we are glad to see that you and your clients are convinced of the importance of being visible online. Thanks to our team of experts, in all different specialities, we are committed to creating connections between advertisers and publishers in every country. Performance Bay will launch your performance marketing campaigns in a simple and swift manner, our objective is to maximise your achievements online.All of this in a no cure/no pay system that you can count on!

Innovative Platform

Manage your campaigns directly in your personal account: real-time reports, statistics at a glance, tracking your billing and optimization of your ROI.
Unique tracking code: You work with only one tracking code for all of your campaigns.

Device connection: Your ads will automatically adjust to the user’s device.
Retargeting: You can reconnect with visitors via third party sites.

Custom Remuneration Models

Pay your publishers based on their performance. For each campaign, you decide with Performance Bay which model(s) suits you!

• CPA (cost per action)
• CPL (cost per lead)
• CPM (cost per 1000 impressions)
• CPC (cost per click)
• CPI (cost per install)
• CPD (cost per download)

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– Connect publishers and advertisers
– Maximize your visibility
– Make your website more profitable


– No useless expenses
– Transparent and real-time reporting
– Numerous filters on the platform
– Direct integration with a leader
– Competitive payouts
– High ROI (Return on Investment)
– Global reach